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RDI strengthens and has an impact

If we did not have higher education institutions, there would not be Tampere either. The university of applied sciences and universities already have a significant impact on the vitality of the region but the higher education community strives for stronger impact also nationally and internationally.
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Let’s bring the future closer! Digital vision underway for Tampere3

Digitalisation is a game-changer set to reshape the world as we know it. It goes beyond IT and ushers in the fourth industrial revolution that is taking place at the crossroads of technology, human behaviour and market transformation.
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Customers influence the development of Tampere3 library

The first customer survey for Tampere3 libraries was organized in March. We received a total of 1080 responses (UTA 813, TAMK 181, TUT 86). The largest group of responders by far were the students, who generally are the most active in giving feedback. To all respondents warm thanks for the important feedback!
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The Academic Board starts working in a unique situation

The newly elected Academic Board, which will begin its work on 19 April, is the key decision-making body of research and education at the new Tampere University. Initiatially, the main task of the Academic Board is to align the key principles of research and education in order to launch the new university from the beginning of 2019. In addition, the Academic Board appoints the members of the University Board.
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Tampere3 Library is Created in Cooperation

The staff of the three libraries has already been planning the services of the future library for months. In the library projects, we are developing the customer service processes, the services for publishing and open science as well as the training offered on information seeking. At the same time, we are preparing the acquisition of a new library system. When realized, it will renew the library's digital services to better suit the changing customer needs of today and even tomorrow.
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Shared vision drives forward the new higher education community in Tampere

The university regulations have stirred up widespread discussion within parts of the university community. The regulations have been perceived to include passages that are contrary to the constitution of Finland and a complaint has been filed with the Parliamentary Ombudsman. It is important for any issues to be thoroughly investigated. If problems are found, they will surely be appropriately addressed by the Transitional Board of the new university.
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Y-kampus’ Growthmakers programme trains drivers of business growth

One of the top products of Tampere's new university community may very well be the Growthmakers programme, which is launching for the first time in autumn 2018. After all, people who can spur business growth and have a talent for international sales are needed in every sector.
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Health technology in the spirit of Tampere3

A great deal has been said about the upcoming higher education community on theoretical and administrative levels, but we want to shed light on how the new community will reshape our daily lives at least for the first few years. Visions, strategies and structures are important, but how are they brought into the real world? In this blog post, we reflect on the Tampere3 project from the perspective of health technology education.
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