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Tampere3 – to the international top leagues

The Tampere3 higher education institution project is guided by a vision of creating a new kind of strong, innovative university community that operates on the top level in both the national and international field of education and research.
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Carrying out Tampere3 takes courage

Tampere3 is an excellent opportunity in many ways. It is possible to build something exceptional from the merger of the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences, something that will have many far-reaching consequences for the future of the Tampere region.
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Tampere3 is a new era Leonardo Da Vinci

We have engaged in discussions with Tampere3 employees, students and interest groups on how they see the future and the prospective TAMPERE3 community. Based on these preliminary discussions, entering a new era seems to raise a lot of questions, and yet some of the first words mentioned are 'opportunity', 'international' and, in particular, 'how'.
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