Let’s make dreams come true – together

The Tampere3 project took a great leap forward when the Tampere University Foundation was founded on 20 April.

We have already seen completely new and different opportunities of planning their studies open up for students. The chance to study while breaking the traditional boundaries offers increasingly diverse ways to take advantage of one’s own competence and develop it further. The students graduating from us in the future will definitely be in high demand on the labour market.

In addition to the new kinds of study opportunities, we will also find different perspectives into research. The city is fascinating as a research environment. In Tampere, we can bring together a broad range of students, experts from working life, top level researchers and a city that offers countless opportunities. This will surely allow us to achieve much in the field of research, too.

We have taken a bold step in building a completely new kind of cooperation structure for higher education institutions in Tampere. Finnish education is known around the world for its comprehensiveness and high quality. Nevertheless, we must continue to be bold in order to keep our place at the top of the world. At its best, the cooperation between higher education institutions in Tampere offers us something that could not have been achieved before, and cannot be achieved without it.

I would like to see us gain results we cannot yet even imagine through this project. I believe that the greatest opportunities of the coming higher education community are found in cross-disciplinary education and research.

In order to achieve everything we have dreamed of during the different stages of the project, we still need courage in making the choices. Bringing three different organisations together cannot be painless. Each of them has its own traditions, customs and working culture. However, in order to create something new, we must also be prepared to examine the existing things critically. It is not important which higher education institution brought which good thing to the new one, or which one has to make the most compromises.

No points, wins or losses exist when building a higher education community.  Clarifying the common goal – providing national and international top level education and research – is good for all of us.

Verna Rantala

Chairperson of Tamko, the Students' Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK),
Laboratory Engineering student

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