From Tampere to working life

When our starting position is this good, we can only strive for excellence.  

Tampere3 has many treats to offer for current and future students, from esteemed degree programmes to flexible study paths and programme structures that allow students to pursue dreams they discover during their studies. We will offer inspiring education based on comprehensive understanding and expertise. We will create links between academic study and working life through work initiatives, company assignments, and thesis projects closely tied to the pressing challenges of present-day society. Graduates from Tampere will be bold and knowledgeable members of society, always capable of learning more, always highly valued on the job market.

This is a promise we will work our hardest to fulfil. During 2017 and 2018, we will comb through the incredibly wide array of studies offered at Tampere’s three higher education institutions, and we will find and refine the themes and subjects that best enable us to serve our students, their future employers, and society as a whole.

The new, jointly operated study programme in civil engineering will be the first to showcase the new opportunities offered by Tampere3 in the autumn of 2018. Students are admitted to study in the programme at TAMK or TUT as before, but during their first years of study, new students will conduct a large amount of basic-level studies together and thereby create networks between experts from different backgrounds well in advance of entering working life.

Our whole array of refined and updated study programmes in health, technology, society, economy, and management will be available to students beginning their studies in 2019. Our study portfolio will offer sharp insight and cutting-edge solutions to current and future challenges on themes such as social welfare, ICT, and many, many others. It is likewise absolutely certain that there will not be a single dull or toothless programme in the mix.


Petri Suomala
Chair of the Education Management Group of the Tampere3 project
Vice President for Education of Tampere University of Technology

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