Tampere3 reforms Finnish competence

On the basis of Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the new foundation university, we are building a community of higher education institutions that creates new kinds of thinking. Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere will merge into a foundation university, and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will move under the ownership of this new university. The founders of the new foundation will comprehensively represent the focus areas of the future university, becoming a significant advantage and support structure for the new higher education institution community. Finland will gain a nationally and internationally notable, multidisciplinary community of 35,000 students and 5,000 employees.

Our duty is to steer science towards major global issues. Tampere3 brings together the research interfaces of health, technology, economics and social sciences in a way that is unique, even on a global scale. A good example of an initiative such as this is BioMediTech, a shared institute of technology and medical science. Research at the future university, combined with the practical operational model of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, will provide society with a unique research and innovation network that ranges from basic to applied research and all the way to service concepts.

Tampere3 creates international and multidisciplinary competence, which is required in the society and labour market of the future. For students, Tampere3 enables the provision of high-quality and respected international degrees, modern learning environments, and flexible study paths that create multidisciplinary degrees. This way, Tampere3 paves the way for others and serves the needs of employers better than before.

As a practical step, a joint cross-institutional studies service with a selection of nearly 1,000 courses was developed for the students of Tampere 3 in autumn 2016. Additionally, the new study modules created in cooperation by the Tampere3 higher education institutions, such as the study module in sales management, the shared studies in civil engineering and architecture, and studies in game research and development, are further examples of new initiatives. Operationally, Y-kampus centres for entrepreneurship coaching can already be found in all the higher education institutions, and healthcare students, doctors, and other professionals all work together at Taitokeskus on the Tampere University Hospital campus in order to practise practical skills.

Why is the creation of Tampere3 and the work for it so vital to the development of the whole of Finland and the economy in the Tampere region? Tampere3 is an investment in the region’s future. Cities with institutes of higher education will grow and develop. New jobs with high added value and productivity are created around higher education institutions; in areas that offer both enough potential labour force and a dynamic that encourages the creation of something new. Companies and new jobs follow great higher education institutions.

We believe that in the coming decades, Tampere will become the most attractive city with a higher education institution, not only in Finland but in the entire Northern Europe. The new Tampere3 is part of the developing city environment. Its research and education are linked to several networks, such as the Smart City project that aims to develop a smart urban region.

Tampere3 is a unique opportunity that we can only achieve by working together – like we are used to.

Kari Neilimo, Chair of the Board of the University of Tampere
Tero Ojanperä, Chair of the Board of the Tampere University of Technology
Matti Höyssä, Chair of the Board of the Tampere University of Applied Sciences

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