RDI strengthens and has an impact

If we did not have higher education institutions, there would not be Tampere either. The university of applied sciences and universities already have a significant impact on the vitality of the region but the higher education community strives for stronger impact also nationally and internationally.

The strategy of the Tampere higher education community defines linking of pioneering research and innovations as one of the three lodestars: from free multidisciplinary basic research to applied research and practical innovations. When this is combined with close and well-organised interaction with stakeholders, real social impact can be expected.

In Tampere3 the chain from research to application will be strengthened. TAMK’s role in the chain centres on its practical end, multidisciplinary applied development competence. In the university of applied sciences, research and development are connected to the second basic task, namely professional higher education. They together support the third basic task of the university of applied sciences, which is regional impact.

At TAMK both teachers, other employees and students participate in RDI. The benefits go far beyond the projects. For example, projects offer teachers an excellent chance for updating their substance competence, creating new working life networks, and learning new working methods. The projects’ open educations and workshops give participants the possibility to learn new also outside their personal competence fields. The created networks and working methods can be freely used even after the projects have ended, for example in development of degree programmes.

TAMK’s RDI is now on a strong upward spiral. We are highly attuned to the times in relation to EU’s Horizon Europe programme and the discussion on higher education institutions’ social impact. What is new in the Horizon Europe programme is its mission basedness: research and development are now directed to solving global challenges of the humanity and key problems of the European society.

The same idea can also be found in the mission of our higher education community. We have accepted the challenge to participate in solving challenges of the humanity locally and globally. In brand language ”The creation of the new higher education community was inspired by the realisation that humanity is now facing an array of fresh challenges. The community’s multi-disciplinary approach will provide better answers to the world’s problems and open up new avenues for academic research and its applications.”

Perttu Heino
Director, R&D
Tampere University of Applied Sciences

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