Students who are skilful, inquisitive and industrious

We educate the shapers of the future – individuals who understand people, identify technological opportunities and are accustomed to the culture of cooperation already upon graduation.

We challenge the existing practices of sharing knowledge, learning and research. We have formulated a joint strategic vision for education, and in that vision, skilful, inquisitive and industrious students can learn competitive skill sets in an environment where the efficiency of education is maintained.

All degrees include joint thematic learning outcomes related to digitalisation, internationality, communication skills, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.


Students can plan their studies flexibly and complete them within the target time. They have access to up-to-date information on the progress of their studies and the level of their skills. Doctoral training and research careers provide the basis for academic excellence. A university that focuses both on theoretical and applied science can offer flexible study paths and a wide variety of courses and professional skills that are easily transferable to working life. Changing the perspective on the studied phenomena opens up intriguing new questions and represents multidisciplinarity at its best.

Learning by doing

The culture of experimentation becomes second-nature in education when students are introduced to such platforms as DEMOLA, Y-CAMPUS, TUTLABSmart Campus Innovation Lab (SCIL) and BioMediTech. The close bonds between basic research and innovation link the cooperation of Tampere3, business life and the public sector, and facilitate the commercialisation of innovations.

Both the teaching methods and technologies are student-centred: project-based and experiential learning ensures that at Tampere3, we offer the most sought-after education in Finland. The campus experience extends to the digital campus, the site of virtual learning environments.

More freedom of choice for students

The curricula of the degree programmes contain learning outcomes that are both similar and different for the applied science degrees and university degrees. Studying across the institutions and including elements of applied sciences and university studies in the same degree will therefore become more efficient. This will accelerate the students’ graduation and transition to working life.

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