Cross-institutional studies

Cross-institutional studies

Cross-institutional studies in a nutshell 

With the agreement on cross-institutional studies signed between the Tampere3 HEIs in summer 2016, all attending degree students and the students of vocational teacher education at Tampere University of Applied Sciences will have a separate right to study at another Tampere3 higher education institution from 1 August 2016 onwards.

The service is now open. Explore the cross-institutional study service at:

The separate right to study will be registered before the student takes the cross-institutional studies. With their right to study, the students will also receive user rights to the HEI to enable them to enrol for studies, access other electronic study services and receive any required physical access rights to educational and other premises. The cross-institutional studies will cover study offerings available to all degree students and limited study offerings available only to students in a specific target group at another HEI.

Study offerings available to all degree students

The study offerings available to all degree students will be listed in the electronic cross-institutional study service. When seeking these studies, the student first picks his/her desired courses. He/she is then registered a fixed-term right to study for the studies at another Tampere3 higher education institution. The right to study will not entitle the student to study up to a degree. The right to study always remains effective until the end of the academic year. Students can also seek cross-institutional studies simultaneously at two Tampere3 HEIs. The students can also supplement their selections in the cross-institutional study service during the academic year.
From the student’s point of view, the application process proceeds as follows:

Limited study offerings

Some students may already hold the right to study at another HEI based on their own degree programme/education. A bilateral agreement may exist between two education programmes, allowing the students in a specific education programme to take studies from another programme to a limited extent. In this event, the student’s degree already incorporates the right to take studies according to the syllabus of the other Tampere3 HEI and the cross-institutional right to study will be registered based on the previous practices. Since these studies are available for a limited group, they will not be included in the study offerings listed in the cross-institutional study service. They will be described in the teaching and implementation plans and in student instructions. Even if a student holds the right to limited studies, he/she may also choose study offerings available to everyone, e.g. in optional modules.

International students

International exchange students will seek these studies through the Unipoli Studies service according to the previous practices. International degree students will also primarily use the Unipoli Studies service. Some studies taught in English may also be included in the offerings available to all degree students, and in this case, international degree students are also welcome to use the electronic cross-institutional study service.

Completion and assessment of studies

As regards study offerings available to all degree students, the electronic service will instruct students to first ensure that the studies are suited as a part of their own degree at their home institution. Each HEI has prepared their own related instructions for their students. The electronic service also underlines that once a student’s right to study has been registered, the student still needs to enrol for the courses according to the practices of each individual HEI. Once a student’s right to study has been registered, the receiving institution will send him/her instructions on starting the studies.

The students will enrol for the courses offered at the receiving institution as normal and complete the studies according to the regulations and practices of the receiving HEI. Information on the student’s previously completed studies at his/her home institution will not be transferred to the receiving HEI. If it is essential to have information on students’ previous studies when making admission decisions, for example, this information must be requested from the students themselves.

The receiving higher education institution will assess the study attainments according to its own rules and regulations. The completion records will be transferred to the home university through the cross-institutional study service. Depending on the situation, the studies completed through cross-institutional arrangements can be either included in the student’s degree or used for substituting specific studies included in the degree. Cooperation between a university and a university of applied sciences necessitates anticipatory acceptance, which means that the suitability of the studies for the degree must have been assessed and put on record in advance.

The cross-institutional study service will open in August 2016.