Tampere3: A motor, developer and interpreter of an affluent society 

Tampere University of Technology, University of Tampere, and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have joined forces in order to develop a new kind of mode of operation in the Finnish higher education. A new higher education institution will start its operations on 1 January 2019. The new university will provide a unique hub for the interdisciplinary research on the economy, technology, health and society. The Tampere3 project is being prepared in cooperation with the Ministry for Education and Culture.

Driven by progress: Through its diversity, Tampere3 produces new breakthrough solutions to global problems
Focus on people: Tampere3 is an international institution with a global reputation for its progressive pedagogy
Journeys of discovery in the city: Tampere3 brings together business life and science in a way that creates a new demand for Finnish knowledge across the world.

Tampere3 is integrated into the surrounding society and working life. The city offers us a living laboratory, the best possible research environment in the world. In this living laboratory, we test, experiment, learn from mistakes and gain insight.


Our new University is the meeting place for research on health, technology and society. We represent all levels of research, from basic to applied research and service concepts. Tampere3 offers an open arena for fruitful juxtapositions: we do the kind of science that is rooted in everyday life and yields high-quality results. We engage in dialogue, we criticise and juxtapose things, and importantly, we also have the ability to accept contradictions.

New encounters and global learning

At Tampere3, we have a unique way of doing things because we creatively and progressively combine high-quality multidisciplinary research with solid practices. By shaping and shaking up existing practices, we are tackling the problems facing humankind. We are larger than the sum of our parts. We bring together ideas and people, uniting science and wider society: we explore the interfaces of different fields of science for new opportunities to develop in conjunction with businesses and the public sector.