“Tampereen yliopisto” put forward as the new university’s name


The proposed name for the new foundation-based university is Tampereen yliopisto/Tampere University. The Board of Tampere University Foundation and the Boards of the three higher education institutions submitted the proposal for consideration by the Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee on 6 September.

The proposed new name is Tampereen yliopisto in Finnish and Tampere University in English. The name is already included in some form or other in the names of all the Tampere3 higher education institutions. This will make it easier for international collaboration partners to identify the new university. The new name also reflects the long history and accumulated merits of the higher education community in the areas of research, education and societal impact.

While the new higher education community will be relaunched, the use of a well-established name will significantly promote the new university’s international name-recognition and visibility, for example, in terms of publications and online presence. The name has also been hailed as clear, logical and functional.