Emil Aaltonen Foundation donates EUR 1 million to Tampere’s higher education community


In order to celebrate its 80th anniversary, the Emil Aaltonen Foundation decided to donate one million euros to fund research projects conducted by the higher education community in Tampere.

With this decision, the Foundation wants to congratulate the new university and wish it every success.

“We will be looking for new types of research projects that emphasise the multidisciplinary nature of the new university in a creative way,” says Professor Olavi Nevanlinna, Chair of the Board of the Emil Aaltonen Foundation.

The first call for applications will be scheduled so that the first supported projects will start at the same time as the new university’s operations start. Calls for application will be organised in three consecutive years and the duration of each project is three years.

“The new Tampere University has an unprecedented opportunity to position itself as a trailblazer by integrating social, medical and technological research to support solutions to global mega problems in a way that not only inspires the representatives of other disciplines but makes them mutually interdependent. The donation of the Emil Aaltonen Foundation allows the drafting of cross-disciplinary research plans even before the new university actually starts,” says Professor Marja Makarow, Chair of the Board of the Tampere University Foundation.

Also related to its anniversary earlier this year, the Emil Aaltonen Foundation donated a million euros to the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters for the establishment of the Young Academy Finland. The Young Academy of Finland will start operations in mid-September.

The Foundation’s research activities are also the topic of the jubilee exhibition Rakkaudesta tieteeseen (For the love of science) organised at the Emil Aaltonen Museum. The exhibition tells the story of the research supported by the Foundation and its impact on Finnish society.

The Emil Aaltonen Foundation