Higher education institutions join the development of Hiedanranta


The University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are participating in a broad collaborative effort to convert the old Hiedanranta industrial district into a new residential area and an attractive urban environment. The development of new operational models together with multiple stakeholders offers new avenues for multidisciplinary learning and research.

The idea is to create new operational models and practices together with the City of Tampere in spring 2018 and thereby enable the natural involvement of the three higher education institutions in the development of Hiedanranta. The goal is to also bring on board other participants, such as companies, communities and residents.

Emphasis on residents

Liisa Häikiö, professor of social policy and vice dean in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tampere, is familiar with Hiedanranta through her involvement in the Dwellers in Agile Cities (DAC) project. Hiedanranta is one of the key research themes in the DAC project, which is funded by the Academy of Finland Strategic Research Council.

Hiedanranta – smart and sustainable future city district

  • Hiedanranta is a future city district overlooking Lake Näsijärvi in Tampere.
  • Once completed, the area will be home to 25,000 people and a work environment for 10,000 employees.
  • Hiedanranta serves as a platform for trying out new technologies and methods.
  • Read more on Hiedanranta (in Finnish).

“Hiedanranta brings together all the aspects of urban living, such as future work, housing, services and transport. The project takes a broad-ranging and resident-centric approach to urban development,” says Häikiö.

“For example, digitalization, demographic ageing and the transformation of work are major interlinked questions. Hiedanranta allows us to explore these themes comprehensively.”

The new city district is one of the key urban development projects currently underway in Tampere. The area offers an interesting opportunity to test and explore smart and sustainable urban living solutions. It gives the city, residents, higher education institutions and other stakeholders a chance to create something unique.

“Hiedanranta is an extremely intriguing case even on an international scale. A large number of cities are looking for ways to transform their old industrial areas. Hiedanranta is a prime example of an ambitious urban development project. The involvement of Tampere3 higher education institutions will further promote the creation and utilization of new knowledge. I’m confident that the results will be great,” says Häikiö.

Further information

Professor, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Liisa Häikiö, , tel. +358 50 318 6095

DAC – Dwellers in Agile Cities

Text: Sara Riihimäki
Photo: City of Tampere, Sini Jussila