Tampere Summer School attracts a large number of applicants

In August, Tampere Summer School will bring students from more than sixty countries to Tampere.

In August, Tampere Summer School will bring students from more than sixty countries to Tampere.

The first joint summer school of the Tampere 3 higher education institutions attracted a large number of applicants both from inside and outside the higher education community.

“This shows that the curriculum, which was designed in Tampere3 co-operation, is diverse and speaks to different target groups. Tampere is an internationally inviting city for learning and we are building an interesting new international university,” says Petri Suomala, chair of the Education Management Group in Tampere3.

Programming and Finnish are popular

The Tampere Summer School, which will be organised on 6–17 August, offers thirty-five courses on topics ranging from architecture to languages and programming. The courses are offered to the institutions’ own degree and exchange students as well as to other applicants.

The most popular course was Introduction to Programming with ninety-two applicants among whom twenty-four were accepted. As in the previous years, the Finnish language courses continued to be popular; this year there were 143 applicants to the three courses offered. Other popular courses included the Applied and Effective Project Management, Leadership and Communication -course, whose teacher comes from the United States.

The largest number of international applicants come from China and Hong Kong

The total number of applicants was 626 of whom 503 were admitted to the courses. The number includes six asylum seekers or refugees who are exempt from tuition fees. The final number of students will be available in the second week of June when those accepted in the courses will confirm their participation.

The largest number of applicants came from Finland: 284 applicants reported being residents in Finland, 148 of whom were Finns. The largest numbers of applications from other countries came from China and Hong Kong (forty-five), Germany (thirty-eight) and Spain (nineteen). Applicants came from sixty-eight countries and the admitted from sixty-three countries, which shows that Tampere Summer School will be highly international.

Wider range of courses doubled the number of applicants

Among the Tampere higher education institutions, the largest number of applicants came from degree students at the University of Tampere (154 admitted). Sixty-nine degree students from Tampere University of Technology were admitted and twenty-three from TAMK.

In 2017, the Summer School organised by the University of Tampere offered eleven courses, which had 229 applicants. 222 were accepted and 179 confirmed their participation. Last year, TAMK also organised a summer school that focused on the Finnish language and had eighteen participants. Now that the three higher education institutions in Tampere co-operate, the number of courses significantly increased.

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Text: Ida Vahtera
Photo: Jonne Renvall