Open Data Service of the Higher Education Community has been launched


The Higher Education Community of Tampere has launched service. The service allows downloading electronic materials of the Higher Education Community as Open Data.

Opening the data promotes new innovations within the organization and increases opportunities to cooperate with partners outside the Community. The Higher Education Community wants to encourage ambitious coders to take up the data and develop new services on its basis. The Community aims to promote free science and research by opening the data for the use of the public, as well as the community members.

“The Open Data service is well suited to the principles and objectives of the Higher Education Community of Tampere. The service for example enables students to use the data and develop new applications on the basis of the Open Data in their projects. We are looking forward to seeing how the data is used! We promise to add more data in the service as often as possible”, says Jussi Kivinen, the ICT project manager of Tampere3.

What is Open Data?

Open Data is raw data licensed as free to use. The data can be used, edited and distributed by anyone under different licenses. When data is opened for everyone, it can be used for other purposes, for example research, visualization and applications. In the best possible outcome, Open Data will benefit the Community itself in form of feedback and new ideas.