24 hours of working and learning closely together


An extensive IT hackathon brought together 115 participants on 22–23 April 2016: students from different higher education institutions, startup entrepreneurs and IT professionals. From Friday evening through Saturday evening, TUT’s Kampusareena served as the venue for the SAP-Syke hackathon.

The event was organized as a part of the Hermia Group Digi-Syke programme that also involves TUT’s NOVI Research Center and UTA’s Research and Education Centre Synergos. The competition promoted students’ employment opportunities and enhanced competence related to the new SAP technologies. It also offered growth support for startup companies.

“The idea was to use the 24 hours to expand the cooperation between SAP Finug (SAP Finnish User Group association) and educational institutions, says Jari Varjo, Executive Director of the association.

Teams worked on authentic business challenges

The competition assignments were real-life development needs or problems experienced by organizations using SAP.

“The teams were looking for new agile and user-friendly ways of utilizing SAP. This was done by flexibly integrating SAP into each company’s various business areas, says Timo Rainio, Development Manager and Cluster Coordinator at Hermia Group.

What resulted was new types of value network ideas, business models and service concepts. The cases for the competition came from member companies, including Apetit, Posti, SOK, Raisio and several companies from the Campus Club Kampusklubi® of Tampere University of Technology.


Further information:


  • ESF-funded joint project
  • Offers industrial companies models and means of utilizing digital practices in business operations
  • Participants include Hermia Group, TUT’s NOVI Research Center, UTA’s Research and Education Centre Synergos, Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd and Savonia University of Applied Sciences

SAP Finug (SAP Finnish User Group association)

  • An independent user association
  • Maintains and further develops cooperation between organizations using SAP applications
  • Serves as a discussion forum between the organizations and SAP.