An executive group is shaping Tampere3

Petri Suomala (left), Mikko Naukkarinen and Harri Melin appreciate the close cooperation.

Petri Suomala (left), Mikko Naukkarinen and Harri Melin appreciate the close cooperation.

The executive group of Tampere3 is currently holding weekly meetings in order to make decisions concerning the new university and making the necessary preparations. The new higher education institution is being built by Vice-rectors Harri Melin (UTA) and Petri Suomala (TUT), Vice President Mikko Naukkarinen (TAMK) and the Manager of Tampere3 Päivi Myllykangas. Coordinator Susanna Saarinen is the secretary of the group.

The preparatory work undertaken by Stig Gustavson in 2014 paved the way for Tampere3. A committee consisting of the vice-presidents of the higher education institutions worked from October 2014 to May 2015 and established the preconditions for continuing the Tampere3 project.

Päivi Myllykangas joined the project in November 2015

After Päivi Myllykangas started as the manager of the Tampere3 project in November, the work of the executive group got its present form.

“The executive group supports the work of the project manager in the Tampere3 process,” Naukkarinen says.

When Mika Hannula became President of Tampere University of Technology in April 2016, Petri Suomala was appointed the Vice-president in charge of education. In the same week, he also started as a new member and TUT representative in the executive group.

“It is very rewarding to see up close how much the higher education institutions can achieve when they develop education together,” Suomala says.

The organisation of the Tampere3 project

  • Executive group: Vice-rectors in charge of education Petri Suomala (TUT) and Harri Melin (UTA), Vice President Mikko Naukkarinen (TAMK) and Manager Päivi Myllykangas
  • Steering group: Chairs of the Board Kai Öistämö (UTA), Tero Ojanperä (TUT) and Mikko Höyssä (TAMK) and Rectors Liisa Laakso (UTA), Mika Hannula (TUT) and Markku Lahtinen (TAMK)
  • The executive and steering groups appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MINEDU). In addition to MINEDU officials, the steering group consists of representatives of the universities’ professors, other employees and students. The executive group has representatives from MINEDU, City of Tampere, the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and the boards of the universities.
  • There are working groups for education, research and support services with numerous sub-groups.