Tampere3 teaching pilots will meet the demands of working life


In the autumn of 2016, Tampere3 will organise two teaching pilots: a study module on managing and developing sales and the Knowledge, business and work in digital society study module, which will focus on digitalisation. Both pilots will be jointly organised by the University of Tampere (UTA), Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).

Measuring customer value and reaching sales goals

The studies on sales management will concentrate, for example, on the significance of recognising customer value and building sales arguments in negotiations. Students who participate in the study module will have the opportunity to find tools for improving their own salesmanship.

The introductory course on sales know-how organised by TAMK will address all of the sales-related basic concepts and current trends as well as provide the basic tools for knowing how to develop one’s own salesmanship. After the introductory course, the students will be able to combine various courses in order to build a study module that is best suited for their purposes.

  • Managing Operative Sales and Sourcing in Global B2B Markets, 4 credits, TUT
  • Business Market Management, 4 credits, TUT
  • Sales Management, 5 credits, TAMK
  • Customer Information and Managing Customer Relations, 5 credits, UTA
  • Cost-effective Marketing, 5 credits, UTA
  • Special/project work, e.g. TUT’s students: TRT-25006 Demola Project Work, 5 credits

Multidisciplinary digitalisation

The study module of Knowledge, business and work in digital society will be organised partly in English and partly in Finnish. The joint introductory course will approach digitalisation from the perspectives of information sciences, business and management, and public administration and politics. After the introductory course, students can choose suitable courses from the curricula of the three universities, such as:

  • University of Tampere: e.g. The economic impact of digitalisation and technological development
  • TUT: e.g. the Introduction to Information Management and Knowledge-Intensive Service Operations
  • TAMK: e.g. E-business, Mobile and Social Media