Study module “Knowledge, Business and Work in Digital Society” starting


Study module “Knowledge, Business and Work in Digital Society” supports developing the kind of knowledge and expertise needed in the digitalized work life.

The module provides a wide view to ongoing digitalization. The introduction course approaches the phenomenon from the perspectives of information sciences, business and management as well as public administration and politics. This course starts in the second period and is lectured by UTA (University of Tampere).

After the introduction, the student can select the most suitable courses for his/her interests from the offerings of three universities. After completing the module, students are able to conceptualize the ongoing digital transformation, understand its impacts on business and society and are equipped with tools necessary when operating and managing in a digital society.

Application to courses:


“Knowledge, Business and Work in Digital Society” (5 cr)

27.10. Digitalisation – what is it all about?
Digitalist Ville Tolvanen

3.11. Politics and digitalisation
Researcher Rune Saugmann
Cases Digital War and Politics and digitalization

4.11. Digital activism: All male panels and the politics of virality
Saara Särmä

10.11. Governance and digitalisation
Research director Harri Laihonen
Case Digital Finland 2.0 – Aleksi Kopponen

17.11. New business potential through digitalisation
Professor Hannu Saarijärvi
Case Suunto – Serving through digilisation

24.11. Work in change
Research director Kirsi Heikkilä-Tammi

1.12. Leadership in change + case studies
Professor Arja Ropo

8.12. Summary
Research director Harri Laihonen