Tampere3 is driven by progress

Social challenges are complex: they are related to, among other things, well-being, changes in working life, equality, the development of communications and interaction, and the international competitiveness of the export industry. We understand the related human, social, technological and economic dimensions.

In order to shorten the RDI chain, we apply uniform operating principles to find commercially viable applications and innovations while the research process is still ongoing.


Researchers have the opportunity to tackle the significant challenges facing humankind – such as those brought on by urbanisation, ageing populations, industrial transformation, and globalisation – and to solve the problems in the environments in which they occur.

Research on current phenomena

The new university combines high quality fundamental research to multidiciplinary, phenomenon-based and applied reseach. It gives answers to challenges on global and societal level in Finland. One example of the new, joint research area is circulation economics, which combines regional studies, community planning, political science and research on new technologies.

We bring research, development and innovation (RDI) activities from scientific research to the applied sciences, development services, and the commercialisation of innovations. We foster creativity by joining together strong but specialised competences. We work via networks and multi-faceted experimentation.

Journeys of discovery in the city

Tampere3 is integrated into the surrounding society and working life. The city offers us a living laboratory, the best possible research environment in the world. In this living laboratory, we test, experiment, learn from mistakes and gain insight. We engage in dialogue, we criticise and juxtapose things, and importantly, we also have the ability to accept contradictions.

Urbanisation is a megatrend across the world: solving the problems of urban areas means defining the future of humankind. It is possible to scale the solutions we offer, so they are universally applicable.

Research Strategy of Tampere University Community (pdf)

Research Infrastructures in Tampere3 shortened REPORT (pdf)