Päivi Myllykangas starts to lead regional development, co-operation with Tampere3 will continue


Since the start of April 2017, Päivi Myllykangas has worked as the director of stakeholder engagement of the University of Tampere. Her tasks have included fundraising, alumni relations and developing the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems for Tampere3.

From the beginning of June, Myllykangas will spend forty per cent of her working time in development leadership tasks at the Council of Tampere Region. As for Tampere3, the Executive Group of the project has given Myllykangas the job of drafting the fundraising strategy of the new university.

The fundraising strategy is part of the third task of universities where universities are required to work closely with their business environment and stakeholders. According to Kari Neilimo, chair of the Executive Group at Tampere3, social impact and dialogue play a very important role in the joint vision of the Tampere3 universities.

“Päivi Myllykangas has excellent skills in creating and leading networks of co-operation. I believe that the partnership model we are now setting up with the Council of Tampere Region will benefit building the networks Tampere3 will need,” Neilimo says.

The most significant change phenomena identified in the regional strategy, such as ecosystems that live from co-operation, a region for young people, and local growth and global directions, are some of the themes that already play a role.

"It is essential to start openly and transparently working together in important networks," says Rector Liisa Laakso from the University of Tampere.

The future is already open-mindedly built.

“Both the Tampere3 higher education community and the regional reform are bold and progressive reforms whose impact and most significant achievements will only be realised years from now. However, their effects are already visible in the national and regional ecosystems,” Päivi Myllykangas says.

For more information, please contact:
Päivi Myllykangas
Director of stakeholder engagement


Text: Katja Kannonlahti
Photo: Jonne Renvall