YH Kodit donates €200,000 to Tampere’s universities


The YH Kodit housing corporation, operating in Southwest Finland and the Tampere region, donates €100,000 to both Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere. With these donations, YH Kodit wishes to support education and research in the field of housing.

“YH Kodit is an important constructor of housing in the Tampere and Turku regions. Every year, we build approximately 500–1000 new apartments,” says Janne Tuominen, CEO of YH Kodit.

“We wish to support research and education in housing, especially in the fields of housing life cycles and the development of housing services. Housing is changing, and in the future we will have to find sustainable and affordable building solutions that take their future tenants into account. Our population is ageing and the role of the community is increasing. Housing costs should not rise too high, as everyone must be able to have a healthy and safe home,” Tuominen adds.

With this donation, YH Kodit wishes to do its part to support the Tampere3 project, as well. The new university group will enable new innovations and high-quality education in the fields of housing and construction.

Tampere University of Technology is a central operator in the research of fields such as civil engineering, construction production, and building economics, as well as in the education of new experts in these fields.

“We conduct active and influential collaboration with industry and business, which enables TUT to anticipate the fast-changing needs for research and expertise. We are happy and grateful for the donation we have received. Through this donation, YH Kodit has contributed to the scientific breakthroughs and new expertise created at TUT,” says Mika Hannula, President of Tampere University of Technology.

Rector Liisa Laakso from the University of Tampere is likewise thankful for the funding and support provided by YH Kodit.

“The University of Tampere has conducted important social research in the fields of urban and regional development, including research on increasing the participation of tenants in the planning of residential areas and housing.”

Further information:
Janne Tuominen, CEO, YH Kodit Oy, tel. +358 10 227 3016, janne.tuominen (at)
Liisa Laakso, President, University of Tampere, tel. +358 3 3551 3600, rehtori (at)
Mika Hannula, President, Tampere University of Technology, tel. +358 400 331 838, mika.hannula (at)