The first Academic Board of the new Tampere University elected


The staff and students of Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere, which will merge at the beginning of 2019 to form a foundation university, have elected their representatives to the first Academic Board of the new university.

The 19-member Academic Board of the new Tampere University includes eight professor members, six members representing other teaching and research personnel and other staff, and five students.

In the election, which was condcuted on 19 - 26 March, four professor members who received the most votes, two members representing research and teaching personnel and one member representing other staff from each university were elected to the first Academic Board.

Voter turnout in the entire election was 58.1 percent. In group one (professors) voter turnout was 82.8 percent and in group two (other research and teaching personnel and other staff) the turnout was 55.5 percent.

The Election Committee completed its work and published the election result on 28 March.

The following people were elected to the Academic Board:

Hatavara Mari (UTA)
Moilanen Eeva (UTA)
Haveri Arto (UTA)
Kunelius Risto (UTA)
Takala Jarmo (TUT)
Valkama Mikko (TUT)
Vuorinen Jyrki (TUT)
Puhakka Jaakko (TUT)

Other teaching and research staff
Kuusela Hanna (UTA)
Lumme-Sandt Kirsi (UTA)
Sipilä Erja (TUT)
Lahtinen Riikka (TUT)

Other staff
Isopoussu Ismo (UTA)
Jokipii Mervi (TUT)

The student unions of the universities appointed the student members to the first Academic Board according to their own rules. On 23 March, the Central Election Committee of the new student union decided to elect Juha Köykkä, Tiina Mikkonen, Mikko Lampo, Ilona Taubert and Janne Kajander as the student members of the Academic Board.

The Academic Board is the multi-member administrative body of a foundation university as stipulated by the Universities Act. According to the Regulations of Tampere University, the Academic Board is chaired by the Provost. The Academic Board elects the vice-chair from among its members. Prior to the nomination of the Provost of the new university, a person soon to be appointed by the Transitional Board will chair the Academic Board.

The Academic Board will hold its first meeting on Thursday 19 April.

“The Transitional Board warmly congratulates the members of the Academic Board who have been elected to this important and far-reaching task. The first Academic Board aligns the key principles of research and education in order to launch the new foundation-based Tampere University on January 1, 2019 and appoints the first Board of the new university,” Chair Marja Makarow from the Transitional Board says.

“In order to start co-operation, the Board will invite the Academic Board to a joint dinner to meet each other on 18 April and after that to regular monthly round table discussions,” Makarow says.

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