Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry donates EUR 400,000 to the new Tampere University

The donation was officially handed out at Tampere City Hall on 14 May.

The donation was officially handed out at Tampere City Hall on 14 May.

A total of EUR 300,000 of the donation made to the new Tampere University by Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Tampere CCI) will go towards a new industry professorship in software engineering and a new professorship in technology management, which supports an existing industry professorship in strategic management.

Furthermore, Tampere CCI will donate EUR 100,000 to support research conducted at the new Tampere University. The sum will be split evenly between Industry Professor of Real Estate Development Ari Ahonen and a professorship in aeronautical engineering that represents world-class expertise and will be transferred from Aalto University to the new Tampere University. The latter professorship also involves close collaboration with the Safety and Security Cluster in Tampere.

“This generous donation illustrates the strong commitment of our region’s industry to support the new Tampere University and promote the development of industrially relevant research and education,” says Mari Walls, future President of the new university.

Tampere CCI has participated in the establishment of the new foundation-based university and has pledged to donate EUR 200,000 to support the Tampere3 project. The CCI donated EUR 50,000 for the establishment of the foundation. The remaining EUR 150,000 will be given out after the new Tampere University begins its operations.

“The vitality of Tampere is based on commerce as well as technological and industrial expertise. The city has a rich industrial history, and especially the ICT sector continues to grow rapidly. Tampere CCI has been an important partner in fostering university-industry collaboration and mapping out industry needs. It is wonderful that the CCI is lending its valuable support to the creation of the new local higher education community. The new community will serve as a unique source of new expertise in our region,” says Mayor of Tampere Lauri Lyly.

The ICT Committee of Tampere CCI brings together industry and academia and actively contributes to developments in the field of ICT. The widening ICT talent gap provided the impetus for the establishment of the endowed professorship. With its donation, Tampere CCI is also looking to encourage ICT companies to contribute funds to the future professorship.

The collaboration between Tampere CCI and Tampere University of Technology (TUT) strengthened when the CCI set up TUT’s Industrial Research Fund in the 1980s. Tampere CCI was involved in the establishment of the TTY Foundation back in 2009 and raised the private funding for its capital.

A prime example of the close collaboration between Tampere University of Technology and the region’s industry and business is the industry professorship of Matti Sommarberg in the field of strategic management. The new professorship in technology management is being set up to support research in the same area.

“Technology and especially digital technologies are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Their systemic impact on our society and economy is growing, but it is difficult to predict their effects. This makes Tampere CCI’s donation all the more important,” says Sommarberg.

Managing Director of Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antti Eskelinen, tel. +358 50 65569,
Director of Tampere3 Renewal Marianne Kukko, tel. +358 40 543 9883,