Ideatori events brought the communities together

“I want to make Tampere3 the Nordic MIT,” TUT’s Professor Moncef Gabbouj envisioned.

“I want to make Tampere3 the Nordic MIT,” TUT’s Professor Moncef Gabbouj envisioned.

In April 2016, joint Ideatori events were arranged on the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology campuses. The events invited active participation and initiated the joint pursue for a vision. New ideas were also sought for internationality and next generation degrees.

Ideatori events were held on the downtown campus on 5 April and the Hervanta campus on 25 April. At the events, the audience heard the latest Tampere3 news and the students and staff were welcome to present their own views and visions at the idea stands. The challenges and potential of the tripartite cooperation were charted and name proposals sought for the new university.

President Mika Hannula from Tampere University of Technology highlighted the role of Tampere3 as the first merger project between university and UAS institutions.

“The Tampere3 project currently holds a vanguard position in Finland, and we must stand the pace in order to keep it so.”

Rector Liisa Laakso from the University of Tampere pointed out that the project naturally involves its own challenges but nothing that could not be overcome through cooperation. In her view, the main theme of the project is ‘triple the power.’

“Together we are more than the sum of our parts.”

One of the assets of the prospective new university is that the three higher education institutions will be able to provide better prerequisites for research and business life cooperation. President Markku Lahtinen from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) noted that the collaboration will also lay the foundation for better and more functional support services for students.

Hervanta Ideatori event focused on internationality

On the May Day week in Hervanta, the main focus was on the status of Tampere3 in the international scientific context and as a messenger of high-quality teaching.

Professor Moncef Gabbouj from TUT’s Department of Signal Processing fearlessly set the bar high:

“My ambition is to make Tampere3 a highly international and competitive university – the Nordic MIT.”