Product development requires health care know-how of Lojer

Versatile know-how is crucial to our company,  says CEO Ville Laine.

Versatile know-how is crucial to our company, says CEO Ville Laine.

A company called Lojer in Sastamala manufactures furniture for hospital and home care. Without a thorough understanding of the customers’ world, it would be impossible to make top-of-the-line products.

“We are an engineering company specialising in health technology but also a Nordic distributor of physiotherapy devices and equipment,” says Ville Laine, CEO of Lojer. “Because we operate in the fields of health care and rehabilitation, our personnel profile has been developed according to the changing competence needs.”

“We employ nurses, physiotherapists, engineers and business experts,” Laine explains. “We also have people who understand medical technology and the service branch.”

The customer’s world as the starting point for product development

Rather than looking for people with a certain degree when recruiting, it is more important to understand the life of the customer.

“We are a medium-sized business and, because of our size, we are agile and can react to our customers’ needs very quickly when necessary,” Laine says.

Susanna Ranta-aho started to do product development at Lojer as a health care specialist. She holds a nurse’s degree as well as a Master’s Degree in Welfare Technology. However, her versatile work history was crucial when she was hired.

“I bring customer orientation and perspective to Lojer’s product development,” Ranta-aho says. “It is in the company’s but especially in the clients’ best interest that usability aspects are taken into account already at the design phase,” she continues. Ranta-aho has also gained experience from working as a nurse at an operating theatre, a masseuse and a sports coach.

Ranta-aho did her Master’s thesis project for Lojer with which Laine is especially happy: “We got many valuable and concrete ideas for our product development since both the thesis phase and the studies are very practically oriented at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.”

“Tampere3 may answer our needs”

“Nowadays we need to be able to combine business know-how with traditional professional skills. The life span of our products is currently taken into account better than before, and we build services in tandem with the physical products. The higher education in Tampere provides us with people who have the skills we need,” Laine explains.

“In addition to the professional engineers in product development, we need people who can tell us what is really happening in hospitals,” Laine sums up.

Lojer Group Ltd:

  • The leading manufacturer of hospital and treatment furniture in Finland.
  • The company headquarters are located in Sastamala and subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden and Russia.
  • The annual turnover is MEUR 25 and there are 140 employees.
  • The roots of the company are found in Vammalan Konepaja, an engineering firm established in 1919.